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Our history

To the best of my memories, I have always have dogs near me, because as my father I am a lover of them. Thanks to him we always had dogs at home when I was a child, small and mixed race dogs.

In 2006 died our dear Luna, a dog that had all of us in love, and as in many families happen after a member dies, we felt that we had missed something. It was in the searching of that new member of our family when I discovered Westies. I first saw a picture of a westie in a magazine and read about him, and since this moment I felt this will be my ideal race of dog. And I wasn’t wrong… In may 2008 came to live with us Wendy and Noa, two westie puppies that were who awaken in me the passion for this special white friends. I discovered with them the real character of this race, how to prepare their hair, to speak to another breeders, to look over some pedigrees, to participate in some Dog Show and at least, the breeding. Is in this moment, when with all my enthusiasm and excitement is born Villacrescan, the affix with I star breeding all my westie litters.

  • María, Galan y José Luis

However, this is not the only race I want to have at home. My story with Norwich starts a bit later, in 2010, in one of a Dog Show where I went with my westies. There was where I first saw a Norwich in the Ring,  and in that moment I felt that a dog like him would have to be part of Villacrescan. One year later arrived into my house Rita, the mother of this race in Villacrescan. Mating her with the best males in Europe the Norwich family of Villacrecan has been expanded slowly, due to its very difficult breeding them in Spain.

Since I started with this life proyect, my family have always supported me, overall my father, without which none of this would be possible, and my girlfriend Maria, who discovered this special world by the hand of Villacrescan, although she also has this hobby since she was a child.

The work of each member of the Villacrescan family, makes us every more eager to see theses baby dogs grow with us, breeding healthy specimens, with one of a kind character, that give you so many good moments later, in their new homes or in ours when they stay with us

Moreover, we are always trying to breed beautiful puppies, typical of the race that also has given us such good experiences in Dog Shows.

For me, is very important to have a wide knowledge in healthy, genetics or morphology before breeding dogs, and, of course to see too many dogs not only in pictures, but in Dog Shows, where the best dogs are gathered. With some of my dogs, breed or not by me, I have been to many Dogs Shows, in Spain,  Portugal, Gibraltar, Luxemburg, European Dog Shows in Czech Republic, or World Dog Shows in Hungary, Italy… where you can learn something new each time… and in some of them we can get our championships (you can see this in “Champions” section)

It is difficult to make the Villacrescan Family known in some paragraphs, because of this, we invite you to visit each of the sections of this web page, to know something else about us.

Best regards

José Luis