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From the best bloodlines, is born Villacrescan, to offer the lovers of these two breeds  faithful friends, based on the selective and familiar breeding keeping and promoting all those features that make westies and norwiches special dogs.

While we have been getting into these two breeds world, we are more convinced that these are the dogs we have always wanted, with that special character and personal temperament, with that great appearance… its our passion. That kind of passion that make us to dedicate as much as we can to our dogs.

Our affix is registrated y recognized by the RSCE (number 16598) and by the FCI (561/09). Moreover, we belong to the CCS.


To the best of my memories, I have always have dogs near me, because as my father I am a lover of them. Thanks to him we always had dogs at home when I was a child, small and mixed race dogs.

In 2006 died our dear Luna, a dog that had all of us in love, and as in many families happen after a member dies, we felt that we had missed something. It was in the searching of that new member of our family when I discovered Westies. I first saw a picture of a westie in a magazine and read about him, and since this moment I felt this will be my ideal race of dog. And I wasn’t wrong… In may 2008 came to live with us Wendy and Noa, two westie puppies that were who awaken in me the passion for this special white friends. I discovered with them…

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